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Hey guys so I got quite a bit of money for Christmas! I am really grateful for that,so I thought because of that,i would do a haul for you guys because I knew I would do a lot of shopping.So I went to town today with BeautyBlogger and bought quite a few things,i have also ordered quite a few items but they haven’t come yet-though ill include them anyway.I’m also going to make this a try on haul for the clothes I bought because they are really nice and I have someone to take the pictures so I can show you what they look on.

The first thing,i ordered was from argos.I bought a dressing table/desk because quite frankly I’m bored of doing my makeup in the bathroom. I also don’t have anywhere to do my work from school,i’m usually just doing it on my bed,and my art work-well that’s just a whole new story really,it’s quite comical if I’m honest.I also had some really cute fairy lights which I decided I would drape around it.I find this amazing to do my makeup at and write my blog posts.It also has a lot of storage so I am able to keep makeup and work related things in the draws so I can use the desk for both.I’m pretty sure that this was cheap and for the quality it’s an amazing price.It was really simple to put up but it was extremely heavy so bear that in mind.

Okay so when I actually went to town with BeautyBlogger, we went to Primark straight after McDonalds.Firstly.I picked up this plain black flowy top for dance class.It’s something really basic but something I just forget that I need and never pick up.It’s like hand cream,no one ever picks up their own hand cream do they? This is really soft and great quality material.Obviously,primark is always really expensive and I’m pretty sure this was like £2 down from £4

Then,because I’ve been looking for a large sports bottle for ages,i picked one up from here.Most shops make them quite expensive and just aren’t really the type I want.However,this was perfect for me and was only £4 I think.Now I don’t really exercise that regularly if I’m honest but maybe this will motivate me more but quite frankly I just wanted one and have been looking for a while so I was really happy to pick this up

So if you’ve ever been in a primark,which i’m pretty sure most of you have.You will know that on the way to the checkout there are absolutely loads of cute things to pick up while you’re waiting in the queue (good plan primark-it works) and while I was waiting,i saw this really cute piece of makeup storage,im assuming mainly for lipsticks and obviouslyas ive got my new dressing table,it’s perfect.You also cant really go wrong with this as it was only £2

So the next place that we went where I bought something was superdrug,and I won’t lie,i had a little splurge.So ive been looking for a foundation for a while and was planning on buying the lumi magique by loreal but quite frankly I cant justify spending £10.99 on a drugstore foundation.However,i did still want one so I thought id settle for one that was raved about everywhere and Lottie was looking at,so I bought the rimmel match perfection in the shade ivory.This was about £7.99 which isn’t too much cheaper but I know that it’s great

After this I picked up Tanya Burr’s matte lip in Martha moo.This is a lovely shade and ive already tried it to know that its not drying and stays out really well.Im obsessed with the texture and the consistency of it is really well made.I think some people are quite sceptical about youtubers products but I’m obsessed with this! 

In Superdrug I also bought some micellar water! I like buying the small ones because if I’m sleeping out then it fits better and doesn’t take up lots of space in my bag when I’m out.Theyre also only a pound for the small ones and they last me quite a while so I prefer buying them this way.My go to micellar water is the garnier one.I just find it gets everything off quickly and without a fuss.

The next place I bought something from was Select,I love select,I feel it is so underrated and many people just don’t go in there when it has some amazing clothes in there.The first thing I saw and loved was this grey high necked-long sleeved crop top.This is gorgeous.I did have to buy a couple of sizes bigger because they didn’t have my size in but to be honest,it wasn’t too much bigger and it looks nice baggy.

I also wanted a scarf and found a really nice black and white patterned one which is so warm and cosy.It was meant to be £13 but then was reduced to £10 which I was willing to pay but then,even better,it got reduced at the till to £4 so it was a bargain! My only issue with this is when you wear it for the first couple of times,it molts like a newly shaved puppy,apart from that I love it.
I’m pretty sure that will go though.

We also went to new look and I bought a little fake succulent.This looks so cute on my dressing table and just adds a bit of personality to it.Im pretty sure that this was no more than £7 which normally I’d be a little bit on the fence about but for new look it is really good and is so sturdy and strong.

I also bought some eyelash curlers for £3.These are a gorgeous rose gold colour which I’m obsessed with.I think these work really well however the pair that BeautyBlogger bought stuck a little so I can’t give you too much of a stable opinion on them.

Before we went,we took a quick look into H&M.This is one of my favourite stores at the moment and I’m loving so many things from there right now.The first thing I picked up,which I was looking for was jeans.The pair I picked up are a little stretchy and are sort of like a jegging material.I don’t have any jeans like these and as they are a necessity I felt like I needed to pick these up.These fit so well in all the right places,they don’t fade and are such good quality for the price,I seriously recommend these and I know that H&M is going to be my go to place for jeans now.

I also bought a burnt coloured top.This is so slouchy and comfortable.However I feel like I could dress this up and wear it out for it to be a little more wearable to social events.The material is so soft and good quality and fits my figure really well (busty girls I’m speaking to you) This was one of my favourite buys and was £9

So that is everything I bought! I think anyway ahah,I’m pretty sure I’ve told you everything.I was so happy with everything that I bought and would definitely deem this my most successful and productive shopping trip in a while! Also keep on the look out for a giveaway soon.Thanks so much for reading! Byeee x

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